My quiet mountain home is about in the center of this image.

I’ve lived in the mountains of western North Carolina for almost forty years, the major portion of my life. Before that I was in South Carolina and Kentucky, but definitely not in the mountains. This is where I hope to spend the remainder of my life, here in what I think of as paradise. My working life (not really a career) was widely varied, including periods as a social worker, house painter, furniture factory worker, low-income housing rehabilitation specialist, and map/travel store owner. Now I’m retired, which is the best occupation of all. I can’t say that I’m not working, because much of the time I’m working harder than ever at construction and re-construction projects on our house, developing and maintaining a fairly large scale fruit and vegetable garden, and keeping up with the myriad maintenance needs of this homestead. There are also many other interests which draw my attention: photography, nature, art, architecture, design, philosophy (my college major), writing, and more; if one can have too many interests, I probably fall into that category. I expect to touch on all these areas in this blog. Please join me.